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Wash The Right Way (5 Tips For The Perfect Hair-Wash)

You would think knowing how to wash your hair is simple, but ask yourself this - how did you actually learn how to shampoo your hair? We are taught by our parents to wash our hair when we are young but did you know there is a better, more scientifically backed way to perform this simple daily routine? Here are 5 scientifically backed tips to give your hair a more thorough cleanse.

1. Don’t wash it too much

We all know hair needs to be shampooed throughout the week, but how often should we do this? Truth is, it’s different for everyone, depending on your hair and skin type. You see, everyone produces sebum through the sebaceous glands, but some people produce more than others. This sebum is essential to maintain hair health but when we produce too much, it can lead to unwanted outcomes like dandruff. To remove excess sebum - we shampoo! So, for the vast majority of us who produce normal amounts of sebum - shampooing 3 times a week is ideal.

For those of us with more sebum than normal, this can be stretched to 4-5 times a week. You’ll know you’re in this grouping if with 3 shampoos a week, you’re still developing nasty hair conditions like dandruff and itching, or your hair appears greasy between washes.

For those of us with thicker, curlier hair, the oils will often be slower in spreading down the hair, while thinner, straighter hair may feel greasier, quicker.

2. When you do wash it, wash it well

For those with thicker hair, to get the best cleanse possible, you should double shampoo. This requires you to apply shampoo to the hair twice. For the first application, use a little bit to wash away the dirt that sits on the hair's surface, and rinse off. The second round should be with a more generous amount, and make sure you wash more thoroughly. Massage the shampoo in and make sure you reach to the back of the head. Only double shampoo if you are washing your hair three or fewer times a week.

For people with thinner hair who wash their hair more regularly, double shampooing could actually damage the hair, as it doesn't allow any of the natural oils from the sebum to protect the hair or scalp. Make sure you use a good quality shampoo to keep the scalp and hair healthy.

Note: Whether or not you're trying the double shampooing method, be sure to get a great quality shampoo (washing your hair with a bad shampoo is far from ideal!). Many supermarket shampoos actually contain cheap ingredients which can be toxic for your hair - so avoid these. Our Microstem Shampoo & Conditioner is scientifically engineered for healthier thicker, stronger hair so is a fantastic alternative. It is lightweight and perfect for regular washing and will leave your hair feeling completely nourished.

3. Conditioning takes time

Different hair requires a different conditioning routine. For most people who produce a reasonable amount of sebum through the glands of their scalp, there is no need to apply conditioner to the roots of the hair. The best way for them to apply conditioner is from the middle to the ends - which entails simply applying it as per normal.

For others with less active glands (you’ll know this if you have to shampoo 4+ times a week), who produce less oil on their scalp, it’s recommended to apply conditioner directly to the scalp to prevent dry skin. The way to do this is to leave the conditioner in your hair for an extra 4-5 minutes so it sinks deeper into your scalp.

4. Cool it down

It is important to protect your hair from damage where you can, and one way to do this is to wash it with warm water rather than hot water. You see, warm water keeps the cuticles closed, while hot water opens the cuticles which leads to nutrient-rich proteins and color molecules escaping. If you are brave enough, you could go one step further and have a cold shower! Cold water helps to completely trap the moisture from the conditioner and prevents hair from frizzing.

5. Natural is best

Finally, continuing hair care after you leave the shower is very important. The most effective method to protect your hair health immediately post-shower is to towel dry it first, and then put on a heat protecting serum (particularly if you plan on using heated styling tools on your hair). Allowing your hair to dry naturally also ensures it retains the most moisture, so avoid using a blow dryer if you can.

Final thoughts

Your hair deserves to be appreciated as much as the rest of your body, so treat it to some quality products and take your time. For the absolute best hair wash, be sure to get into the right routine and implement all of these tips, from getting into the shower to leaving the house.
Many of our customers who have implemented these tips into their haircare routine notice healthier, stronger hair because of it and that’s what we want for you too. For any questions regarding the above tips - feel free to email in for clarification!



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