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How To Use Plant Stem Cells In Your Haircare Routine

Plant Stem Cells are not only great when it comes to rejuvenating your skin, but they’re also highly effective for hair growth, too. If you’re suffering from hair loss or thinning, or simply want to grow thicker and fuller hair, then you might want to familiarize yourself with how stem cells can help boost hair growth and look after your scalp.

So, what exactly are Stem Cells?

A plant stem cell is a type of cell that’s capable of self-renewal. They can adapt to other cell forms when needed, and work to repair damage, boost regeneration and support healthy growth.

And how do they work?

In skincare, stem cells are incredibly important as they can become the source of regeneration for the epidermis. This means that they work to help renew cells, and keep your skin looking youthful and glowing. They work in a very similar way when it comes to your hair, as the stem cells encourage the formation of new hair and hair pigments. Plant stem cells increase the lifespan of the hair follicles, so the hair can stay in the anagen phase of the hair for longer, preventing hair fall-out.

As we age, our hair follicles either become dormant completely or shrink in size. When they shrink in size it means that they still produce hair, but it’s much lighter, thinner and more brittle than before so it appears like there is no hair growth at all.

What Stem Cell Products are there?

Our Stem Cell Haircare Range has three main products (with more to come…) which includes Shampoo & Conditioner, Brow & Lash Booster and Hair Stimulation Formula.

Each of these can be used by themselves or can work to complement each other. For those with thinning hair or hair loss, using the Hair Formula alongside the Shampoo & Conditioner will help stimulate dormant hair follicles and increase hair growth. For those looking for fuller hair, lashes and brows using the Shampoo & Conditioner along with the Brow & Lash Booster will make sure your hair is thicker, longer and both your brows and lashes are fuller!

See below for how to use our Plant Stem Cell Haircare Range!

Using our Hair Formula alongside our Shampoo & Conditioner can work to boost hair growth where it has thinned and ensure your hair is fuller and thicker than ever!

And below is how the growth cycle of your lashes (and eyebrows) work, and it's the growth anagen (growth) phase which the plant Stem Cells work to lengthen so your lashes and brows appear thicker and longer than ever!



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