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This Pillowcase Could Change Your Skin Forever

"Beauty Sleep" is real. No matter what products you’re using, we only truly look and feel our best when we have had enough shut-eye. As we know, your cells regenerate when we're asleep too, so to sleep is to fight premature aging.

But, even when you’re using the best night-time products you can find, and getting your 8 hours of sleep, there could be one simple thing you’re missing that could change it all: a silk pillowcase!

Yes, we know that sounds a little over the top, but did you know that silk can help prevent wrinkles and breakouts? They can even help your skin stay hydrated and regulate your body heat, too. Who'da thought it?!

Here’s the deal…

So truth is, silk pillowcases aren’t going to solve your skin issues over-night. But, especially for sensitive types, they can really benefit your skin. John Wildsmith famously said, "You're either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both." - and with up to 8 hours a day on your pillow, it's a wise idea to ensure it's the best material for you.

It’s been suggested that cotton actually draws moisture away from both your hair and skin, potentially drying them out and causing irritation. When this moisture is absorbed, it can also draw in bacteria and allergens, meaning you're exposed to this every time you sleep. By using a silk pillowcase, you can make sure there’s less friction between your skin, hair and the pillow, which can prevent irritation and hair breakage.


So, can silk pillowcases actually prevent breakouts? Well, the products you put in your hair will most likely end up on your face (unless you sleep on your back for the whole night), and usually, hair products contain harsh ingredients like silicones and oils which can lead to breakouts.

Plus, things like makeup and sweat can cause breakouts, too, so it’s important to wash your face before bed and keep your room a reasonable temperature to avoid sweating and blocking up your pores.

Using a silk pillowcase can prevent this, as it allows your skin to breathe and won't draw in the oils and bacteria in the same way a cotton pillowcase would.


This is where the silk pillowcase really wins us over. When it comes to sleeping, check your sleeping position (if you sleep on your back all night, this isn’t a problem for you) but if you’re sleeping on your side or front, you could be causing wrinkles while you snooze.

When your face is all squished up to the pillow, over time it’ll start to wrinkle, and they’ll stay put. Because silk is gentler on your face, you’re less likely to experience this, as it won’t pull or tug on your skin quite as much. The best way to prevent this is to start sleeping on your back, but it’s relatively hard to control the position you're in when you’re asleep, so grab yourself a silk pillowcase and you can relax knowing you’re not causing damage as you dream.

So, are they worth it?

While silk pillowcases can work wonders, it’s best to think of them as a supplement and not the ultimate solution. They’re definitely gentle on both your skin and hair, so will help prevent breakage and premature aging, as well as making sure your skin doesn’t dry out (a huge benefit for those with dry skin).

The best way to make sure your sleep isn’t causing you skincare woes is to be vigilant in removing all makeup before bed, and use effective but natural products on your skin. Silk pillowcases will then aid your skincare routine by making sure your skin isn’t being pulled and tugged the wrong way all night.



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