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Easy Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Needing Easy, Quick Hairstyles To Vamp Up Your Thinning Hair? These 4 Could Be For You…


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Did you know that a woman’s relationship with her hair is closely linked to how she feels about herself, more so than a man’s relationship with his? But, thinning hair can have a detrimental effect on all genders’ self-esteem and life enjoyment if their hair is depleting, receding and/or lacklustre.

Sometimes a new style can be the thing that helps shake things up and foster a little bit more of that all important confidence! But, if you’re not that savvy when it comes to styling your strands, conjuring up a new look can be overwhelming and stressful!

That’s why we’ve pulled together these 4 easy hairstyles for thin hair, so you can look and feel a million dollars without the effort or stress!

Cel Pro Tip: Before you try out the below looks, consider applying a touch of dry shampoo! Dry shampoo when applied at the roots can help thicken the hair a little for styling. Just remember to wash it out thoroughly when you’re done with your look, using Cel’s Microstem Shampoo so not to clog up the hair follicles and prevent growth!

Easy Hairstyles For Thin Hair: The Blogger Bun

Made popular by the girls on the ‘gram (That’s Instagram for the non-millennials in the house!), the Blogger Bun is a great look to adopt on thinning hair, and it’s super trendy! It’s essentially a low slung bun that looks effortless, and requires no effort either!

The Blogger Bun is achieved with messy locks, so your bedhead hair is kinda the perfect texture! Simply sling back your hair to the top of your neck (with the option of leaving a few strands out that you can tousle, if desired). Then, twist and fix your bun in place with a scrunchy.

Cel Pro Tip: Try to use a silk scrunchy when fixing up thin hair. Silk is gentler on strands and negates breakage and damage, unlike harsher elastic scrunchies. 

Easy Hairstyles For Thin Hair: The Side Parted, Low Pony Tail

For a more sleek affair, this elegant hairstyle is easy to put together and fix in place. Firstly, part your hair off centre to create your side parting. Smooth all your strands close to the scalp and gather the hair together at the top of your neck, fixing with a scrunchy.

Tame fly aways down with a tiny smear of coconut oil (too much will make hair greasy!), and for the stubborn ones use hair grips. Follow this with an all over spritz of hair spray to keep everything in check and looking glamorous!

Easy Hairstyles For Thin Hair: The Half-Up Bun

Affectionately referred to as “The Hun”, this is another recently popular look that helps boost a fuller appearance of thinning hair!

Simply split your hair in half, and take the top section of hair and twirl into a bun and fix. Just like The Blogger Bun, a little messy is the fashion so don’t feel like it needs to be perfectly brushed prior to styling!

Easy Hair Styles For Thin Hair: The Curly Ponytail

We all know how practical the ponytail can be, but practical can still be pretty even for the thinnest of hair! Fix your high or mid-height pony with a scrunchy and then take a curling wand and loosely wave your pony ends. Adding in some conscious curls can really help the hair look like it has more volume, and not appear straggly.

Cel Pro Tip: Before taking any heated tools to your tresses, always apply heat protection first, particularly to already thin, vulnerable locks!

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