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These Vegetables Can Change Your Hair and Skin Forever

Broccoli, for your skin? Asparagus, for your hair? Don’t worry, we did a double-take when we read that, too!

As it turns out, the vegetables on your plate can often be found in your bathroom cabinet, too…

Vegetables, as it's well known, are full of vitamins, great for keeping your body healthy. But what if we were to tell you that these vitamins can also keep your skin and hair healthy when applied topically, too?

So, what’s so good about broccoli seed oil?

The oil contains a bunch of vitamins that help to keep the skin hydrated and balanced. Broccoli is full of vitamin A, a vital antioxidant full of skin-renewing potential, keeping you looking young and fresh. Retinol is a popular way of getting vitamin A into your skincare routine, but broccoli does it without the side-effects, such as dryness and irritation.

Broccoli is also full of fatty acids which are highly moisturizing and, when used in hair care products, are aimed at dry or damaged hair.

But, one of the main reasons broccoli is becoming so popular within the skin care industry is because it helps to protect the skin against UV damage. As well as fighting skin cancer, keeping your skin protected from UV rays also helps premature aging, as up to 90% of aging is down to sun damage!

It can also help protect you from other pesky free-radicals, such as pollution and fog!

What about asparagus?

The main reasons asparagus is so great for your hair is because it’s full of vitamin C and E, which help to nourish your scalp and hair, encouraging stronger growth and less breakage.

Researching the power of the asparagus stem cell technology, proven to help stimulate hair growth, means that here at Cel we’ve been able to create a formula to stimulate dormant hair follicles and lengthen the time of the growth phase in the hair cycle.

Stem cells work to encourage the movement and regeneration of the cells on your scalp, so that, along with the nourishing vitamins from the asparagus, after use your hair will appear thicker and stronger than ever before.

Our Stimulating Hair Formula is a simple hair regrowth and thickening solution using expertly proven methods to help even the most desperate of cases.

Did you know, as you grow older, the hair cells on your body lose their ability to regenerate – meaning hair growth slows down and, in some cases, completely stops?

This then leads to dry, thin and weak hair and it remains vulnerable to irreparable damage.

To use the ampoule pen, simply drop a thin layer of the product on to the desired area, lightly massaging the formula in until completely absorbed. The best results will show after 4-6 weeks of regular use!

Final Thoughts

At Cel we work to fully use the power of nature along with expertly developed and researched science to bridge the gap between gentle, nourishing products, and effective science-backed ones.



Annabel Wood


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