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How To Jade Roll Your Face: Worth The Benefits?

How To Jade Roll Your Face

The jade roller – an ever increasingly popular skincare tool originating from China, Asia. It's a product that consists of a derma roller made from jade or a similar gem stone, like rose quartz, which you roll over your face. They sound so simple – can they really do wonderful things for your skin? What are the benefits of a jade roller?

Benefits Of A Jade Roller: Helps Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes

Jade rollers are touted at being an effective tool for tackling bags under the eyes. Gemstones are naturally cooling which calms and de-puffs the skin, whilst the rolling movement encourages excess fluid build up out of the congealed area (like under the eyes!).

Cel Pro Tip: Keep your jade roller in the fridge or freezer over night to enhance the coolness on your skin. This will reduce the size of the blood vessels there too, which will then naturally diminish the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

Benefits Of A Jade Roller: Reduces Puffiness In The Face

Using a jade roller encourages lymphatic drainage. When the face looks puffy, this is when it's holding too much excess fluid. A jade roller can help disperse it.

Lymphatic fluid is the waste fluid which collects around your eyes and cheeks, making our faces appear bloated. Using a jade roller helps move it back to the cardiovascular system where it belongs, and thus de-puffs your face.

Wondering how to jade roll your face? To gain the ultimate benefits of a jade roller, always roll in one direction. Rolling back and forth will just move the fluid back and forth too. We advise rolling towards the ears and then down the sides of the neck, back toward the lymph nodes.

Cel Pro Tip: Massaging around the eyes and nose can also help relieve sinus pain and inflammation!

Benefits Of A Jade Roller: Helps Aid Circulation

By improving circulation in the face, you can help promote the tone of your skin, evening out any redness or discolouration. It's been suggested that it can even help improve the appearance of acne (the coolness aids with redness) and signs of ageing (by keeping nutrients flowing to the skin), and it will leave you with that much sought-after fresh glow, as though you’ve just had a great night’s sleep.

Benefits Of A Jade Roller: Helps Products Absorption

It's advised that you should never jade roll solo, and always use a product like a serum, oil or moisturiser. The lubrication will make the rolling easier, but the massaging notion will help the product penetrate deeper which thus improve its effectiveness, but also results in you needing to use less of it.

Benefits Of A Jade Roller: Can Help Reduce Stress

We hold a lot of tension in our face when we’re stressed, and this can lead to soreness, cramps, tenderness, swelling and even premature ageing (like wrinkles and fine lines!). Facial massage is a notorious stress reliever.

A jade roller can help ease tension by releasing pressure being held in your most expressive muscles. This can be a lovely little act of self-care.

How To Jade Roll Your Face

As well as making sure to roll in one direction (preferably toward the ears and then down the sides of the neck toward the lymph nodes to help disperse excess fluid) you should always use a roller with an oil, serum or moisturiser. In addition, make sure you don't roll too harshly: it's not necessary to press hard to get the desired results. Gentle pressure will do, particularly around the delicate eye area. And remember our earlier tip of popping your jade roller in the fridge or freezer for a few hours before use for enhanced cooling effects.

How To Clean A Jade Roller

You should clean your jade roller after every use so bacteria and product doesn't build up on it (this can cause blemishes and infections!). Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to clean your jade roller. Never soak or scrub your roller, or use super hot water as jade is a gem stone, so it's delicate, fine and fragile.

Our Final Thoughts On The Benefits Of A Jade Roller

So, is jade rolling another beauty trend that will lose its hype soon? We don't think so, no.

Jade rollers have been used for centuries, and it’s still celebrated as an effective tool when used alongside your serums and moisturisers across the world. Jade rollers are typically very reasonably priced too, which means that they're definitely worth trying before assuming it's a fad – it might change your skin care world forever!



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