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Biotin Benefits: The Beauty Benefits & Health Benefits

Biotin for Skin, Beauty & Health Benefits


Derived from the Greek word for ‘life’, Biotin’s been made popular as a dietary supplement for its ability to improve our hair, skin, nails, eyes, liver and nervous system. Biotin can be found in most protein-rich foods like meat, eggs, and fish [1], but it can also be supplemented for those needing an extra boost!

In the beauty world, biotin is synonymous with the growth of strong, luscious hair and maintaining nail health. It’s the ‘go-to’ addition to many beauty products on the market, but it’s not just our hair that this wonder-supplement can help with…

Here at Cel, we’ve taken a deeper dive into the health and beauty benefits of this incredibly powerful B Vitamin, and why you should consider adding a biotin supplement to your day.

Biotin Function

What's the function of biotin? Otherwise known as Vitamin B7, is a complex nutrient that our bodies need to convert food into energy.

Biotin Health Benefits

When looking at health, we were interested in the physical effects Biotin can have on the improvement of our bodily functions. Alongside its aesthetic benefits, the advantages of capitalising on biotin can help us maintain a healthier, happier body from the inside.

Biotin Benefits: Can Aid Weight Loss

Biotin has been proven to break down carbohydrates more effectively, leading to weight loss and the reduction of surplus fat in the body [2]. It also plays a pivotal role in supporting metabolic function and works as a coenzyme to help break down food.

Ingesting biotin can help increase your resting metabolic rate, which in turn can accelerate weight loss!

Biotin Benefits: Supports Heart Function

Adding a biotin supplement to your diet can be extremely beneficial for your heart health, too. Biotin can help to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body, which is a leading cause of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes [3]. B Vitamins are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties, so can help to reduce the plaque build-up in arteries and lower the risk of cardiac arrest.

Biotin Benefits: Promotes Brain Function

As biotin has been known to aid the function of the nervous system, this vitamin can therefore, support optimum cognitive function, and help keep our brain ticking!

Biotin has been proven to improve memory, and even act as a defence against age-related impairments like Alzheimer’s and Dementia [4]. In the short-term, biotin can improve concentration, boost energy and improve your mood.

Biotin Benefits: Can Protect Against Cancer

When we are deficient in biotin, it can lead to insufficient histone biotinylation, (cell production) and that can lead to an increase in the risk of developing cancer [5]. By ensuring you consume enough biotin in your diet, you can protect against this, and many other diseases.

There is currently no recommended dietary allowance (RDA) established for biotin, but generally it's considered that 30 micrograms is an adequate amount for adults (aged 18+) and pregnant females, and 35 micrograms if breast-feeding.

Biotin Benefits: Helps Balance Blood Sugar

One of the most impressive functions of biotin is its ability to stabilise blood sugar. For those who struggle to maintain a healthy blood sugar level (diabetics, for example), biotin can help stimulate the production of insulin in the body.

Some diabetics also suffer from nerve damage due to enzyme build-up, and biotin can balance these enzymes to prevent further damage too.

Biotin Benefits: Boosts Immune System

Biotin is essential for white blood cell health and development, and the supporting of a healthy immune system. It helps to increase the production of TH1, which are the T cells that help fight off bacterial and viral infections and boost our immunity to common ailments.

Biotin Beauty Benefits

The beauty benefits of biotin are notorious and popular throughout the world. From nails and skin to hair growth, this vitamin packs an impressive punch...

Biotin Benefits: Hair Growth

Many studies have shown that regular biotin supplementation can help to stimulate healthy hair growth, causing the hair to appear thicker and longer. Biotin is one of the building blocks of healthy hair, and increasing your biotin intake can strengthen follicles, delay greying and even prevent hair loss [6].

Biotin Skin Benefits: Aids The Health Of Skin

Biotin skin benefits are considered unparalleled. Biotin is a vital component to the maintenance of healthy, glowing skin, and protecting the epidermis from toxins and oxidative stress.

Dry, itchy skin is one of the most common symptoms of biotin deficiency and disrupts the health of the deeper skin layers. Biotin can help prevent conditions like acne and fungal infections, and keep skin smooth and hydrated.

Biotin Benefits: Helps Strengthen Nails

Biotin deficiency has been linked to brittle, weak and damaged nails, so increasing your biotin intake can support and stimulate the growth of stronger, longer, healthier nails.

Studies show that those who take a daily biotin supplement can thicken their nails by 25%, and decrease breakage and splitting [7].

Read more on The Surprising Causes & Cures of Brittle Nails here.

Biotin Benefits: Supports Muscle Maintenance

Muscle mass and similar tissues don’t last forever. Your body needs certain vitamins and nutrients to maintain healthy tissues, and Vitamin B is one of them.

Biotin can effectively boost the overall growth and maintenance of healthy muscle and body tissues – helping to repair muscle soreness and alleviate joint inflammation.



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