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Not Sure If Eye Creams Are Worth It? This Might Change Your Mind

Many people ask the questions: are eye creams really worth it? And do they really work? Or are they just an unnecessary product to add to your skincare routine?

After extensive research into the science of our skin, we're firm believers in the need for specific products to help different areas of our dermis. It's important to use a specific eye cream because they're made with gentler ingredients for the more delicate and sensitive skin around the eye. This means that the creams you use on your eyes compared to the rest of your face, need to be gentle, firming and rejuvenating.

Because the skin around your eyes is so much more sensitive, it means that it’s quicker to age and needs the extra nourishment to keep it youthful and prevent premature wrinkling.

But, do note that not every eye serum is made equal! Some eye creams only work to relieve dry skin on a temporary basis, and are not capable of preventing or reversing aging.

They’re often full of harsh chemicals, including petroleum which actually prevent the absorption of water from the atmosphere or from other products in your skincare, leaving your skin dry and vulnerable to premature aging.

Below we've drawn up the most important features of our Eye Serum and other ones on the market so you can see the comparisons!

With Stem Cell Technology we're able to encourage a turnover of cells, something which your regular Eye Cream is unable to do. Encouraging new cells means that your skin will appear younger, keeping it plump and wrinkle-free, as aging is down to our skin cells slowing down.

How To Use

For more youthful, brighter eye, gently apply the Eye Serum from the outside of the eye area towards the bridge of your nose. Softly tap as you do so, to massage the Serum into your skin. As you move upwards towards the eyebrow and brow bone, apply more pressure to lift the brows and de-stress that muscle.



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