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How to Tame Dry, Frizzy Hair For Good

We’ve all been there - walking past a mirror or a store-front, only to realise our otherwise smooth, silky hair has become untamed and frizzy since we left home! Sometimes, our hair tends to have a mind of its own, making it impossible to predict whether it will stay put, but in this article we will try to figure out what makes hair so fickle, and how to handle it best.

Why Does Hair Frizz?

In order to combat this problem, we need to get to the root of it (no pun intended). Frizzy hair is most usually caused by humidity or excess moisture in the air outside, or by a lack of moisture in your hair strands. Another incredibly common cause is previous hair damage, either from dyeing, or repeated use of hair straighteners or curlers. Since naturally curly or wavy hair tends to be more dry than straight locks, it is also more prone to frizzing. However, these tips and tricks can help you control that, no matter what hair type you have.

Avoid Washing Your Hair Too Much

Washing your locks too often can lead them to become dull and lifeless, due to your shampoo stripping the natural oils that make it look soft and shiny. Those prone to frizziness should only wash their hair twice a week in order to avoid this, but we recommend trying out different washing schedules to find out what works best for you. In order to maintain your hair’s appearance in between washes, a dry shampoo might be the best solution, leaving your hair looking fresh while maintaining your lock’s natural oils intact.

Choose The Right Shampoo For You

Nowadays, there are so many haircare products being advertised on TV, online, or in store - but not all of them can cater to your hair type. In order to reduce frizziness, selecting a sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo is the first step. Make sure your shampoo also contains glycerin (also known as glycerol), as this can help tame your mane. Glycerin penetrates the hair strands and hydrates it from the inside out, as well as creating a protective coating for your hair. These factors are vitals when selecting a good shampoo - we recommend our Stem Cell Shampoo, which is free of harmful ingredients, and contains enough glycerin to help smooth your hair.

Remember To Use Conditioner

Conditioner is often underestimated, with many people thinking that only lathering your hair with shampoo is enough to keep it healthy and moisturized. However, without conditioner, your hair follicles wouldn’t stay hydrated, making it impossible for moisture to penetrate your hair. Be sure to only apply conditioner on the length of the hair, avoiding the roots, as this can make it feel greasy. A good conditioner follows the same rule as a shampoo, being packed with glycerin and free of sulfates and parabens. Our Microstem Conditioner makes an excellent pair with our shampoo, helping your hair stay hydrated and keeping your follicles healthy.

Air Dry Is The Best Dry

This little tip is a hair stylist’s secret weapon: letting your hair partially dry on its own before using a blow dryer is a trick worth knowing. This means that the hair strands are allowed to dry naturally and smoothly, without interruption, keeping your hair healthier without any effort. Finishing off the drying process with a blow dryer will still incur some heat damage, but the hit will be a lot less harmful to your locks. Make sure to use a heat protecting product, and keep your dryer on a low setting and around six inches away from your head for the best results.

Our Verdict

Frizzy hair can happen to anyone at anytime, so don’t feel bad about it! Finding out what works for you to keep the frizziness and dryness under control can be a whole discovery process - this is why our Microstem Shampoo & Conditioner set, which is sulfate free, paraben free and contains glycerin to help tame your locks, has a 30 day money back guarantee. Changing your hair routine can be risky, but the best results are achieved by doing a leap of faith for your hair and trust that our scientifically developed products only have your hair’s health and smoothness goals at their core.



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