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How To Look After Your Skin In Winter

We’re deep into the Winter months, and there are a few things we love about this time of year. Hot cocoa, warm coats, a warm, open fire... But there are also a lot of things we do NOT like. And this includes what the weather is doing to our skin.

When the temperatures drop, our skin is void of oils and therefore, our natural moisture barrier is compromised, meaning it’s not as good at fighting bacterias and infections.

So here are a few things you can do to look after your skin through these colder months until the temperatures rise again!

Stop touching your face!

You’ve probably heard this one before! And we agree that it’s easier said than done, but nonetheless important. Throughout the day, your hands come in contact with a lot of things: door handles, greasy phone screens, dirt and dust around the home, and so on... and that bacteria can easily end up on your face if you're prone to touching your face too much. This will cause zits, breakouts and other dermal issues!

Make sure you wash your hands regularly and keep them away from your face when you can. Carry a small antibacterial gel in your purse for easy-to-apply freshness throughout the day.

Yep, you can blame the weather...

Cold weather means we have less moisture on our face, which then triggers our oil glands to overproduce sebum to make up for it. This then causes clogged pores and breakout galore, so don't be surprised if you notice a zit this winter! Although it's easy to blame the weather, it's also a sign that you should step-up your skincare routine to replenish your natural oils.

… And the hot showers, and the indoor heating!

While the weather outside is frightful, the heating is normally cranked up inside. This, however, can leave your skin feeling even worse. Central heating dries your skin out, and around 50% of acne is caused by dry skin. Not to mention hot showers, which will also leave your skin feeling drier than when you stepped in. So no matter how cold your bedroom might be when you wake up, try and avoid standing under a scalding shower for longer than you need to! Your skin will thank us.

Moisturize more!

Seems simple, but if you’re suffering from bad skin, you might want to avoid overly oily moisturizers! But it’s so important to look after your skin throughout winter with the right kind of hydrators.

And don’t forget, your eyes and your neck need a different moisturizer to the rest of your face! These areas are particularly delicate, with your eye area needing a more sensitive cream and your neck needing a heavier one.

Your neck muscles sit further away from the surface than the rest of your face, which means it’s one of the first areas to age! Because it also lacks the ability to produce sebum, it is also more prone to drying (especially at this time in the year). To make sure you avoid premature aging and look after your skin in your décolletage area, be sure to use our Stem Cell Neck & Decolletage Cream. This formula works to encourage a high turnover of cells, keeping your skin young, plump and hydrated.

The delicate skin around your eyes is where we first begin to age, and due to its sensitivity it’s also the first to become dry. Make sure you’re looking after your skin by using an effective Eye Serum to encourage the growth of new skin cells, and protect the skin from becoming overly dry!

And if you're really feeling like you need some skincare TLC...

Our weekly Stem Cell Face Masks work to deeply hydrate through all the dermal layers of your skin, and will help nourish and protect any type of skin throughout the harsh winter months. Restore and rejuvenate your skin from the inside out!

During the application the mask will make sure to hydrate all through the layers of your skin, leaving it feeling youthful and glowing, successfully reversing the damage done by central healing and cold winds!



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