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How To Get A Lash Lift Without Damaging Your Lashes

Lash lifts and extensions, there’s no denying, can be incredibly transformative. But, they come with a price! They’re high maintenance, expensive and they can even damage your real lashes.

When your lash extensions fall out, you might notice that your natural lashes look thinner and sparser, and if this is the case there’s a chance your lash appointment has disrupted your lashes’ natural growth cycle.

Your lashes have quite a short growth cycle compared to the rest of the hair on our body, which is why they remain as short as they do. Within the cycle, there’s a long pause between growing and shedding, and any stress on the hair follicle can cause the hair to go into the shedding stage prematurely.

While the hairs do eventually grow back, they will most likely grow back stubbier and finer than before. Not only this, but the glue they use can be incredibly irritating and cause redness, flaky skin, itching and even blisters.

So, if you’re not quite willing to risk your natural lashes for the fake ones, there is something else you might want to try...

Brow & Lash Booster

Because damaged eyelashes and sparse eyebrows are incredibly common among women, whether it's own to age or over-plucking. At Cel we've worked alongside our scientists to design a formula made to the encourage the growth of brows and lashes, using Ginseng Stem Cells to prevent hair loss and promote re-growth. Using hair growth factors, you can ensure that your lashes remain thick, and your eyebrows full, without the damaging side-effects of salon lash extensions or lifts.

The key benefits of our serum are that it can:

- Aid the regeneration of damaged brow & lash cells

- Help promote growth where hair has been over-waxed or damaged due to salon treatments

- Encourage hair growth where there has been loss due to age

- And enhance the beauty of sparse, damaged or short eyelashes!

Our simple applicator means that you can easily apply to your brows and/or lashes before bed to encourage healthy and strong growth!

It's the growth anagen phase (as shown below) which the plant Stem Cells work to lengthen so your lashes and brows appear thicker and longer than ever, with less fall out!



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