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Hairstyles For Women With Thinning Hair

8 hairstyles for thin hair to get your locks looking thicker!


If you’re a woman who has thin or thinning hair or has been experiencing some hair loss, finding that all-important hairstyle that works for you can seem like a challenge.

With the right products and a positive attitude whilst you experiment with your look, you can totally master the style and cut for you.

So, what hairstyles and cuts work best for thinning hair in women?

Cut: The Shaggy Lob (Long Bob)

A long, messy tousled bob crops up on nearly every red carpet around and for a reason: it really suits fine, thin hair! If you go for this cut, make sure to ask your stylist for textured layers to help volumise any limp looking strands! Invest in a salt hairspray to maintain that textured look all day!

Cut: The Pixie (Layered or Textured Short Cut)

This asymmetrical cut is not only low maintenance but notoriously funky and cool! It’s definitely a way to make a statement.

Pixie cuts are also ageless and can suit a variety of styles and face shapes! Maximise this hairstyle by combo drying (air drying first, then finishing it off with a blast of heat!) and style with dry spray wax!

Pro Style Tip: Mix up the look by pushing back your pixie’s bangs, so they stick up. This gives off the illusion that the rest of your hair has more volume and is a great (and popular) event look!

Style: The Loose Top Knot

A small high top knot can do wonders for thin-looking hair! Make it work even better by leaving the base loose so it naturally rounds out before you tie up the bun. This will also be less stressful on the hair follicles as tight, pulled back hair do’s can weaken and damage the hair further.

Pro Style Tip: Invest in some silk scrunchies for up-dos like this. If your hair’s already weak, silk is way gentler on hair and helps prevent breakage.

Style: The Flower Clip

Simple, yet effective and no need for a drastic chop! Simply use a flower clip or other large hair accessory and grip it into one side. Then, manually sweep all of the hair around to the opposite side. This will bulk up the look of your mane, as well as incorporate a cute, eye-catching, and feminine edge!

Cut: Long Layers + Bangs

Just like The Lob, layers naturally volumise limp hair strands even in long locks. Bangs can compliment thin hair, but only if they’re not heavy or blunt. Ask for light and feathered with a soft edge when you instruct your stylist to really pull off the look.

This cut requires a little more commitment as bangs tend to need restyling every day. You can simply wet the fringe and give it a give towel or blow dry with a round brush to get that quick lift.

Pro Style TipIf blow drying frequently, look to protect your hair with a heat protection serum or spray!

Style: Balayage

If you’re one for dye and experimenting with colour, balayage and ombre can work for you! This dyeing technique gives thinner and finer hair the illusion of having volume. By leaving the roots darker and the ends lighter, the hair looks thicker and it also tricks the observer into thinking there’s more hair too!

If you’re dyeing your hair, you need a suitable, gentle cleansing shampoo and conditioner that is going to serve your coloured hair.

Try Cel’s hypoallergenic Microstem Shampoo & Conditioner. As well as strengthening hair and promoting new growth, it’s suitable for all hair types, including dyed hair, and protects each hair strand from day-to-day damage.

Style: Deep Side Parting

Arguably the most efficient way of giving your hair some “wow” when it comes to volume! A deep side parting provides height and thus fullness.

Pro Style Tip: Switch up your parting side throughout the day to give your fine hair a frequent lift and refresh.

Style: Crown Braid

Wrapping braids around the top and front of your head is a great way of evoking an effortless, graceful look as well as alluding to thicker hair!

Pro Style Tip: How To Do A Crown Braid!

1. Split your hair down the middle, separating it in to two, making sure each part is equal.

2. Begin with your left side. Take a handful of hair and separate it into three pieces.

3. Out of the three pieces, weave the left piece under the centre piece, then right piece under the new centre piece and so on, all the way down the length of the hair.

4. Continue braiding, lifting the braid up and around your hairline. Then, secure it at the top of your head with some bobby pins!

5. Repeat Step 2-4 with the right side!

6. Wrap the end of the right side braid around the first pinned braid, and bobby pin it into the desired position.

Ta-Da! The queen has been crowned!

Final Thoughts

There are loads of styles out there that boost the look of fine, limp hair, so don’t feel disheartened or think for a second that there isn’t one for you.

It’s time to get creative and experiment working out what your go to styles or next cut is going to be!

For hairstyles for men with thinning hair click here.



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