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Our Complete Guide To Essential Oils And Your Hair!

Yes, it's believed some essential oils can be used to stimulate hair growth!

Essential oils have long been touted as miracle workers in homeopathic formulas thanks to their natural make up and obvious effectiveness.

When diluted with a carrier oil (meaning they’ve been mixed with an oil like olive, almond, or coconut) they can usually be well tolerated by the skin and you can reap their many benefits!

But, did you know that there are some essential oils believed to stimulate hair growth?

Let’s take a look at which 7 essential oils the holistic world is championing for better hair health, volume, and length!

Peppermint Oil For Hair

Peppermint oil is thought to stimulate your scalp and hair follicles by improving blood circulation to the head’s skin, and is suitable for those who suffer from greasy hair.

Peppermint's menthol content causes blood vessels to dilate, which boosts blood circulation. This can help increase the follicle count, the follicle depth, and the skin thickness, and usually triggers faster hair growth.

In addition, peppermint can soothe any inflamed or irritated scalp.

How to use: Mix two drops of peppermint oil with 2 tablespoons of a warm carrier oil (like olive, almond or coconut). Massage it all over the scalp and leave for 5-10 minutes. You might feel a slight tingling sensation! You can then wash the hair through with a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner.

Ylang Ylang Oil For Hair

Suffer from a dry, irritable, dandruff prone scalp? Ylang Ylang is the essential oil for you. Ylang Ylang can improve the hair’s texture, boost the scalp’s natural oil production and reduce breakage in existing hair strands.

How to use: Mix five drops of Ylang Ylang oil with 2 tablespoons of a warm carrier oil (like olive, almond or coconut). Massage it all over the scalp and leave for around 20-30 minutes. You can then wash the hair through with a cruelty free shampoo and conditioner.

We purposefully chose to use Ylang Ylang in our Microstem Hair Thickening Mask because of it's amazing benefits! Ylang Ylang, combined with our other nourishing ingredients, will leave hair feeling smooth and looking fuller!

Read more on Ylang Ylang Benefits here!

Bergamot Oil For Hair

When applied to the scalp, bergamot oil may help to revive lazy or stuck hair bulbs, and thus encourage hair growth. This oil is considered a natural stimulant so aids in directing blood flow to the scalp, ensuring proper delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

It can also promote healing and reduce inflammation, encouraging a healthy environment for hair to grow in.

How to use: Apply a few drops to your usual, gentle shampoo and massage into the scalp for 5 minutes before rinsing!

You can find bergamot oil in Cel's Microstem Shampoo and Conditioner already!

Rosemary Oil For Hair

Rosemary oil is renowned for its effects on hair when it comes to strengthening and improving the growth rate. It promotes cellular metabolism making it great for keeping the hair follicles active and consistent in their growth cycle.

How to use: When washing your hair, add three drops of rosemary oil directly on the head and then apply your paraben and sulphate-free shampoo. Then, lather and massage both oil and shampoo into the scalp and hair.

After rinsing out the shampoo, place your hypoallergenic conditioner into your hand and apply a further two drops of rosemary oil to it. Apply both the combined oil and conditioner to the hair, leave for a few moments, and then rinse out!

You can find rosemary oil in Cel's Microstem Shampoo and Conditioner too!

Lavender Oil For Hair

Lavender is a very gentle essential oil, and has an abundance of antimicrobial properties which help keep the hair shafts and follicles free from unwanted bacteria and build up. This is known to slow the rate of hair growth.

Lavender is also used in aromatherapy to relieve stress, and stress isn’t good for your hair at all! So make sure you apply some of this essential oil to your wrists and neck and inhale its soothing scent.

How to use: Apply a few drops of lavender oil into your palm and blend with your scientifically optimised shampoo. Then, massage into the scalp for 5 minutes before rinsing!

You can find lavender oil in Cel's Microstem Shampoo and Conditioner and Microstem Hair Thickening Mask too!

Cedar wood Oil For Hair

Cedar wood oil is thought to balance our scalp’s oil-producing glands. Combined with its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, it can also help combat dandruff and a dry scalp. By keeping the scalp healthy and happy, you’re creating an environment for optimal hair growth.

How to use: Create a hydrating hair mask by mixing two drops of cedar wood oil to a tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply the mixture all over the scalp and hair strands and leave for up to 30 minutes before washing out.

Read more on the many uses of coconut oil here.

Lemongrass Oil For Hair

Dandruff and blocked hair follicles are one of the main culprits that cause slow hair growth and are responsible for reducing hair quality.

Having a healthy, flake free scalp is vital if you’re after hair volume, growth and vitality.

Read more on the importance of scalp health here.

Lemongrass oil is fantastic for reducing dandruff and most effective when used daily. One study has proven that after a week of using lemongrass oil on the scalp, dandruff significantly reduced for most participants.

How to use: When showering, apply 3-5 lemongrass oil drops directly to your scalp. Massage it in. Then, rinse it out remembering not to use overly hot water. Hot water dries out the skin and exasperates dandruff to no end! A lukewarm temperature is best when it comes to preserving our scalp and skin health.

Final thoughts on essential oils for hair

Essential oils have been used throughout history for a reason - they are a brilliant addition to health and beauty regimes. So, which one are you going to try first?

If you start to experience redness, burning, discomfort, pain, or develop a rash after using an essential oil, this can indicate an allergic reaction, so stop using the oil immediately and wash the area with cool water.



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