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Are You Over-Washing Your Face?

If you’re suffering from dry or flaky skin, you might want to keep reading…

Washing your face is an important part of everyone’s skin care routine, but even if it feels like it’s almost too simple to mess up – you could be wrong (oh, so very wrong!).

Cleaning your face is vital for keeping a healthy, youthful and balanced complexion (even when you’re not wearing any makeup). It's key for ridding your skin of the oil, dirt and products that have built-up overnight or throughout the day.

But, can you have too much of a good thing? Is there such thing as washing your face too much? Well, unfortunately this is, and we’re here to tell you why (and how you can avoid it.)

So, how often should you wash your face?

No matter what your skin type, you should always wash your face at least once a day in the evening to remove any dirt, make-up, oil or grime that’s built-up on your skin that day. It's surprising what our skin can go through in 24 hours, so relieving it of that daily dirt is essential for good skin.

Many of us are conditioned to then cleanse our complexion in the morning, too, but is this really necessary? Overnight when we sleep, although we may sweat, we don’t come in contact with any pollution, dirt, make-up or sunscreen, so is there a need for it?

In fact, the body actually produces oils which are beneficial for the skin, as they act as a protective barrier to fight off the external impurities we’re hit with every day. So washing these off can leave your face vulnerable to further damage...

How can you tell if you’re over-washing?

If your skin feels tight or dry, this is a sign that you could be washing your face too much.

But sometimes this can suggest that you’re using the wrong face wash, rather than washing too often. Some face washes, especially ones for acne, can be too harsh on the skin and will strip it of its natural oils and moisture, leaving it feeling uncomfortable and tight when you’re done.

If you’re washing your face with harsher products and stripping away the oils, your skin will actually overcompensate and create more sebum, causing breakouts and blemishes. Often it’s best to be gentle and support your skin's moisture levels instead.

If so, exfoliate to scrub away built up dirt, but use a gentle cleanser afterwards, because washing your face should never leave your skin irritated or dry.

So, what do you do if you're over-washing?

If you think you’re washing your face too much, give your skin some time to repair itself and try using a gentle cleansing oil to clean, but protect your skin. They won’t disrupt your natural oil levels, so you can’t over-use these.



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