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The Benefits of Steaming Your Face

Face streaming has always been popular as it's so easy to do, has so many benefits, and doesn't cost a dime!

One of the more common ways to steam your face simply consists of boiling water, a towel and a bowl, and yet can reap some amazing results!

But what are the benefits of steaming your face? And, is it okay to steam your skin even if it's sensitive?

For the answer to these questions and more, keep reading!

7 Benefits of Steaming Your Face

Benefits Of Steaming Your Face: Helps Cleanse The Skin

One of the main benefits of steaming your face is that it naturally cleanses your skin. When your pores are blocked, the steam can open them up so that it’s easier to remove the dirt and bacteria lodged in. It also softens the dead skin cells which sit at the top of the skin, making it easier to wash and scrub them away afterwards!

Benefits Of Steaming Your Face: Helps Remove Toxins

When you sweat, toxins are released from your skin. Steaming, because it causes your skin to sweat a lot, helps to rid your skin of these toxins without having to run a 5K! Just make sure you use a gentle cleansing product afterwards to remove any toxins left on the surface.

Benefits Of Steaming Your Face: Can Prevent Acne

For those who suffer with acne, steaming your face is certainly worth a shot! The main contributor to acne is blocked pores which cause irritation or infection and leads to painful acne. By steaming your face, you can clear your pores out and prevent further infection without having to use any overly harsh products, either.

Benefits Of Steaming Your Face: Can Fight Whiteheads and Blackheads

Whiteheads and blackheads are much harder to remove than a pimple, but with continual steaming you can keep on top of cleaning out your pores and preventing both from frequent occurrence. Blackheads are harder to remove as the sebum and bacteria is even deeper into your pore than a normal pimple will be, so steaming is great as it can get really deep into the pore and wash the built up bacteria away!

Benefits Of Steaming Your Face: Can Fights Aging Skin

Steaming your face can ultimately help fight signs of aging. This is because steaming will cause the blood vessels in your skin to dilate, increasing the circulation in the face. As a result, extra nutrients and oxygen from that blood is delivered to your skin cells and can improve your overall complexion.

Plus, when your skin sweats, it also promotes collagen production which plumps up your skin to keep it youthful!

Benefits Of Steaming Your Face: Supports Receptivity Of Skin

As steaming opens up your pores, it means it can help prepare your skin for your other skin care products, making them more effective. So if you’re investing in great skincare products to use afterwards, it’s definitely worth steaming your face beforehand so you can really make the most of them!

Benefits Of Steaming Your Face: Can Help Combat Sinus Problem

Steaming is great if you’re suffering from blocked sinuses. For ultimate relaxation, you can even add essential oils to the water like lavender or peppermint, which will relax your mind and body and help you sleep.

Steaming Your Face: How?

Method 1: Use a bowl of hot water

The best thing about steaming your face is the fact that you have everything you need in your cupboards already!

Start by filling a bowl with boiling water, then letting it cool slightly for about 5 minutes. Whilst it cools, cleanse your face of makeup and grease. Next, place a towel over your head and lean over the bowl so that the towel creates a cover for the bowl and head.

Place your face as close to the water as close as you can without it burning your face and continue to breathe normally for as long as is comfortable. Take several breaks as needed!

Method 2: Use hot towels

First things first, only use clean towels! If not, you can transfer bacteria from the dirty towels on to the face into the open pores.

Soak the towels in hot water (not boiling) for a few minutes before wringing them out and letting them cool. Then once they’re at a temperature you’re comfortable place them on your cleansed face. Don’t use this method if you have particularly sensitive skin.

Ta-Da! Now, you can rinse those amazing benefits of steaming your face!



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