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7 Weird Tips for Thicker, Healthier Hair...

Your hair-health is dependent on a few variables; genetics, diet, daily styling routine, and what products you use.

Unfortunately, some of us are follically challenged, and are forever on the look out for tips and tricks to improve our hair. If you suffer from thin, lifeless hair and you’re looking for ways to make your locks grow faster and thicker, you’re in the right place!

Here at Cel, we’ve got a list of seven weird and wonderful ways to encourage thicker, healthier hair growth, and some of them are so easy to try!

1. Wearing A Shower Cap

According to some, wearing a shower cap (or saran wrap) on your head while you sleep will, supposedly, trap heat on your scalp and make your hair to grow faster. The results may take time to notice, but it should work if you do it every night! It’s a cheap and easy thing to test out at home.

2. Hang Around Upside Down

Handstands may sound a little extreme, but “the inversion method” is a real thing, and has been proven to boost hair growth and follicle stimulation! If you’re not a trained gymnast, then simply hanging your head off the end of the bed for a few minutes will work just as well! The extra blood flow to the scalp will increase the follicle activity, and help with hair health and thickness. For even better results, massage some coconut oil into your scalp before you hang!

3. Switch Up Your Style

If you’ve had the same side-part and straight cut your whole adult life, it’s time for a change! Switching up your parting can actually give your hair volume and help the roots sit higher. Try using thickening powders, too, that help add texture to lacklustre hair. If you’re prone to tying your hair up in elastic bands every day, opt for a looser style or try telephone-wire hair bands which cause less breakage instead.

4. Check Your Ingredients

When it comes to our shampoo, sulfates are NOT your friend! They leave your scalp super dry, and inhibit hair growth – not ideal! If you’re trying to improve the health and thickness of your hair, look for products that are sulfate-free, like our Shampoo & Conditioner. Our products were formulated with this in mind, and we wanted to ensure none of our hair care range has any sulfates in them.

5. Try Plant Stem Cells

If you’re struggling with thin, lifeless hair, chances are you’ve tried most hair-growth products out there, right? But what about Plant Stem Cells? These transformative ingredients have been proven to restore, rejuvenate and revive dormant follicles and damaged hair to give incredible results after just a few uses. Try them for yourself today with our Hair Stimulation Formula.

6. Yeast Infection Cream

Now, this one definitely sounds a little cuckoo, but there is some science behind the madness. In most topical creams used for yeast infections, there are active anti-fungal ingredients, in particular, one called Monistat. This has been shown to prevent hair loss, and help thicker, longer hair to grow. If you’re willing to try it, it could be worth a go…

7. Castor Oil

Inexpensive, natural, and proven to work, castor oil could be your next hair-growth go-to! It contains omega-6 and omega-9 which help restore your hair’s healthy shine, and encourage the follicles to grow hair quicker! It’s been said that it will help your hair grow from 3-5 times its normal rate.

Final Thoughts

If you struggle with thinning hair, or just want to add some volume to your locks, there are some inexpensive and easy tricks you can try today. For a more permanent solution that’s backed by science, try our Stem Cell Hair Care Range. Our best-selling Shampoo & Conditioner, along with our Hair Stimulation Pack, is the best hair-growth combination for thicker, healthier and longer hair within a few weeks!



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