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5 Science-Driven Reasons Our Shampoo Gives You Beautiful Hair

Ever wondered how our Stem Cell Shampoo can transform your hair making it stronger, healthier and more resilient to future damage?

Working with beauty experts in South Korea, we were able to produce our specialized Nanotech formula and optimize it for home-use. Our shampoo is highly effective, ensuring your hair is strong and protected, and your scalp is the optimum condition for healthy hair growth!

Below we've listed the 5 Science-Driven Reasons Why Our Shampoo Gives You Thicker, Healthier Hair to prove that our formula will transform your hair!

1. Keratin Formula

Keratin is a protein naturally found in our bodies, in our hair, nails, skin and in our internal organs and glands. Because keratin is the structural building block of your hair, it helps strengthen each strand and prevent it from further breakage.

With use, keratin has shown to make hair smoother, healthier, stronger and more resilient. It works by smoothing the cells that form your hair strands, which absorb the keratin helping it look and feel healthier and shiny.

This is why keratin is one of the main ingredients in our shampoo, to help make your hair damage resistant and repair damage from hair-styling and hair dye, ensuring your hair is strong and soft from the roots to the ends.

2. Stem Cells

A plant stem cell is a type of cell that’s capable of self-renewal. They can adapt to other cell forms when needed, and work to repair damage, boost regeneration and support healthy growth. When used in haircare, the stem cells encourage the formation of new hair and hair pigments. Plant stem cells also increase the lifespan of the hair follicles, so the hair can stay in the anagen phase of the hair for longer, preventing hair fall-out.

As we age, our hair follicles either become dormant completely or shrink in size. When they shrink in size it means that they still produce hair, but it’s much lighter, thinner and more brittle than before so it appears like there is no hair growth at all. Using Stem Cells in your haircare routine helps to prevent this premature hair loss by stimulating the dormant follicles and encouraging thicker, stronger growth.

3. Hormone-Blocking

DHT, also known as dihydrotestosterone, is a by-product of testosterone which can bind to receptors in your hair follicles and cause them to weaken and eventually die. This process is known as miniaturization, which can lead to complete end of hair growth where the DHT has affected the hair follicles. This usually happens with age, and is the main cause of male or female pattern baldness.

Our shampoo works to inhibit the hair-killing hormone which block the enzyme causing the testosterone to become DHT, therefore preventing hair loss at the source.

4. Vitamins

Our shampoo is jam-packed with nourishing proteins and vitamins to help nourish your hair and support cell growth, metabolism and cell repair. Biotin works to provide your hair with critical vitamin and minerals, helps to utilize amino acids and improve circulation. Improving circulation helps to encourage hair growth as the blood flow stimulated dying follicles, encouraging growth where there's hair loss!

5. Sulfate-Free

Sulfates are a harsh chemical found in most hair products on the market as it helps the shampoo to lather up. Due to its chemical formula, it strips your hair of its natural oils and damages your hair further, weakening your strands, damaging your scalp and causing split ends.

We’ve made sure to not include parabens or sulfates in our shampoo, so your hair is optimum quality and strengthened from the roots to the ends, with no added nasties and only natural and nourishing plant stem cells.

Our Verdict

At Cel, we understand that hair health is important and that hair loss happens the best of us, targeting both men and women. Using our shampoo can not only encourage hair growth where it's thinned, but also strengthen and protect the hair you do have to protect you from fall-out!



Annabel Wood


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