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3 Undeniable Ways Self Care Can Improve Your Relationship

Selfcare, to some, seems like a selfish act, and one that we don’t have enough time for in our busy lives. But that shouldn’t be the case. Self-care can be extremely beneficial to you, but also to your loved ones. Family, friends, and partners all want the best for you, just as you do for them.

As with everything in life, happiness and success come from finding a balance. Discovering a balance between making time for others and making time for yourself is essential to having a great, long-lasting relationship. Having a balance between work and leisure will bring you both a sense of achievement and enjoyment at the same time. And a balance in the roles you play in your relationship will keep you both feeling needed, but also give you the comfort that you can depend on them.

Taking care of yourself shouldn’t come with a feeling of guilt – remind yourself that it’s good for your relationship, too. Be the person that you want to come home to. And while you do this, encourage your partner to do the same! If you’re wondering why we say it’s so important, and how you can do it, read on…



When you don’t look after yourself, whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally, you may be causing your partner stress and sadness as they worry about your wellbeing. They need to know that you’re looking after yourself. Without the reassurance, your partner may worry about your happiness and health, and that can cause strain on the relationship.

Although it’s not purposefully selfish, allowing your health to deteriorate - be that physically or mentally - is unfair on your relationship. Next time you have a feeling that something is wrong, don’t ignore it, take action! Here are some ways to take care of yourself so that your loved ones needn’t worry so much.



Taking care of your body takes a number of steps, but it’s not difficult to incorporate it into your daily life. Exercise and diet are the main ways in which you can look after yourself, but there are other aspects such as bone health, posture, and quitting habits like smoking or excessive drinking that will impact your physical health, too.

Participating in regular exercise and eating healthily is vital for your overall wellbeing because they both work to keep your organs functioning, release much-needed endorphins, and help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is an increasing problem worldwide [i], and it’s proving to increase the risk of major health problems, as well as mental health issues. If you dread the gym, find a social team sport that will stimulate you to do the exercise. Or even try taking daily long walks with a podcast if you're more of a solo-exerciser. On top of this, a balanced diet will not only be good for you but also keep your energy levels up so that you’re more likely to exercise.


Less emphasis is placed on mental and emotional wellbeing, but it’s just as important as your physical health. Too often, people try to push past the negative emotions and avoid telling people how they’re feeling. Not having an outlet for them can cause you to feel anxious or angry, and the easiest person to take it out on is the one you’re closest to: your partner.

Communication with your partner is essential to having a good relationship, but sometimes there are things you don’t want to tell them. Or perhaps not yet, anyway. If this is the case, talk to your friends, or a professional therapist, and speak out! Holding in negative feelings can make you feel like you’ve got the world on your shoulders – and that can make you not only act out against the ones close to you but also make you pull away.



When you don’t look after yourself, and your partner expresses concern about it, not listening to them could suggest to them that you don’t care about their feelings. Reducing how much they worry is one way of showing you care.

Another way of showing them you care is by making an effort! When you’ve made plans to spend time with them, and you turn up looking no better than you did when you first woke up, you’re displaying a carelessness in the relationship. Taking the time to look good for your partner adds to the excitement of being with someone, and makes even the smallest of occasions feel a little bit special.


Taking care of your appearance and investing in high-quality beauty products shouldn’t be seen as vain! Looking good for your partner is a way of showing them you care and want to impress them, but it’s also important to remember that you should look good for yourself, too. Feeling beautiful will increase your confidence, and that will, in turn, improve your relationship.

Your partner wants you to feel great about yourself, regardless of how attractive they find you already! And as we get older, our bodies change – we put weight on in new places, skin starts to sag, and hair becomes thinner. It’s natural! But there are ways to reduce the speed at which this happens. Here at Cel, we believe that everyone should feel their best, so we’ve formulated Stem Cell Shampoo & Conditioner that boosts hair growth, giving you thick and luscious locks! Hair is a huge part of a person’s look, and gives you the chance to be creative with your appearance every day by trying different styles!

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It’s a common conception that confidence is attractive, and there’s a reason behind this. Confidence doesn’t necessarily mean being loud or outspoken, it’s an inner awareness of who you are and what you’re about. This allows you to be you, without comparing yourself to others.

When you’re not worried about how others are perceiving you, or how others are perceived in comparison to you, there’s less to worry about! The more confident a person feels, the less likely they are to belittle or compete with others. Instead, you’re more comfortable supporting and complimenting others, and you'll feel more comfortable about yourself.

Confidence in romantic relationships, friendships and in the workplace are beneficial in so many ways! But we know that if you lack confidence, you can’t just change it overnight. So here are some ways to help you start to build your confidence.


Getting out of your comfort zone is a scary concept, but once you do it, it’s a very rewarding feeling! Finding a hobby to do without your partner, such as joining a sports team or a painting class, can be fulfilling and confidence-building. Meeting new people with the same interests and passions as you provide you with a community of friends.

Feeling confident in the way you look is attractive, too. Taking care of yourself physically, through exercise and your beauty routine, can make you feel incredible, and when you feel more confident your physical relationship can benefit. When you see your partner happy, you feel happy too, right? Certain hormones are released when you’re happy, such as dopamine and serotonin, but there’s a particular “love hormone” known as oxytocin.

Intimacy is important – it’s been written about for centuries in poetry and literature, but science says so, too! When the body releases oxytocin, it can help you to bond with your loved one [ii]. Sometimes people shy away from being intimate, because of their lack of confidence. Finding confidence in yourself, whether that be through work, socializing, or in your appearance will undoubtedly help you feel closer to your partner.

Final Thoughts

Relationships are hard at the best of times, but if you feel like your life is lacking time to spend on yourself, you’re depriving yourself of the opportunity to think about you and what you need. It’s not selfish, and it’s not a waste of time! Both you and your partner should support each other in taking care of each other and yourselves – it will improve your mental health and physical health. Self-care makes you feel better, which will undeniably make your relationship with each other better, simple.





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